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Child Care for CSU Students


Quality Care for Children

Child Care Subsidies for CSU Juniors and Seniors

Welcome to Boost child care assistance program! In partnership with Columbus State University, Quality Care for Children from Atlanta provides Boost - consumer education and child care scholarships to help student parents actively engage in improving your long term economic outlook; such as the pursuit of a higher education.

CSU student Sasha discusses how the BOOST Child Care program has helped her and her family during her academic career. 

A primary goal of the program is to ensure that your child is educated in a quality enriched environment while you earn your undergraduate degree. Once you are enrolled in the Boost program, weekly child care payments for your child will be made directly to your approved Quality Rated child care provider. Below are the requirements for BOOST.

A child is eligible for the BOOST program when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The child is a resident of Georgia
  2. The child’s parent is eligible
  3. The child is age 0 through 4 years of age (and the child is not age eligible for Georgia Pre-K).

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A parent is eligible for the BOOST program when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student is a parent with a child age 0-4 years old (and the child is not age eligible for Georgia Pre-K). 
  2. The parent is a resident of Georgia
  3. The parent is a CSU college student enrolled full time (12 or more credit hours in the fall/spring and 6 credit hours in the summer)
  4. The parent is enrolled in a minimum of 2 courses on campus.
  5. The parent is eligible to receive the Pell Grant
  6. The parent is in process of earning his/her first bachelor's degree.
  7. The parent has completed at least 60 credit hours and is accepted into their major (college)
  8. The parent has (and maintains) a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher upon application to the program and will subsequently maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher. 
  9. The parent has made satisfactory academic progress (SAP) by University standards at the time of application.
  10. The parent has a child that is enrolled in an early child care education program that is Quality Rated or a program that is participating in Quality Rated
  11. The parent has completed and submitted all of the required BOOST scholarship enrollment forms

Step 1: Check to see if your child is already in a Quality Rated Child Care Center or check to choose a Quality Rated Child Care Center at

If you need further assistance on choosing Quality Rated child care, please contact Sarah Linman, Family Resource Coordinator for Quality Care for Children, 404 479 4208. Sarah can help you identify Quality Rated providers in your area.

Step 2: Complete the parent application, click on this link - Boost Parent Application.

Step 3: Please contact Alisha Miles, Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist, CSU ADVISE, at Columbus State University to make arrangements to complete and submit additional documents. Alisha's contact information is, 706 565 1318, Woodall Hall, Room 154.

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