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Academic Center for Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence

Adult Re-Entry: Your First Step Toward Success

Adult learner

Spring class begins January 29, 2013.
To enroll contact Linda Hurst at 706-507-8337.

If you're an adult who wants to return to college & start anew, CSU's Adult Re-Entry Program is the course for you. For adults who have been out of school five years or more, this program will make your transition into the world of higher education a smooth one.

The adult study skills refresher course will review and update your skills in reading, writing and math. It also will give you an extensive orientation to Columbus State University policies, procedures, services and opportunities.

Program Features:
* Assistance with the admissions process
* Study skills refresher course
* Orientation to Columbus State University
* Easy online registration open to everyone
* Early registration in classes once enrolled

For more information about Adult Learners, the resources that CSU offers and methods to receive prior learning credits please click here.

Click here for more information for Military Students and Veterans.

Request more information using our online form or contact Linda Hurst at 706-507-8337

Read about Laurie Smithson's success through Adult Re-Entry and then check out her testimonial in the video below. Read about another Adult Re-Entry success story!

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